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Starbucks and DSA Kick Off Solidarity Campaign

Since going public with their intent to unionize on May 31, the workers at the Middle Sound Loop Starbucks location have been fighting against anti-union tactics and harassment from company management. Throughout, they’ve persevered and have been working diligently to support each other and stay positive while awaiting ballots. In early July, they received their ballots and have until August 22 to get the required votes for unionization.

In cooperation with the organizers, Wilmington DSA has been building a solidarity campaign to support the Middle Sound Loop workers but also to grow our ability to support other union drives. We kicked off our campaign with a solidarity sip-in on Saturday at the Starbucks location (we ordered using the name “Union Yes,” of course) and with an event on Sunday where we invited chapter members and the public to hear from the workers and discuss the labor struggle at their workplace. It was great to see some new faces and allow everyone a chance to get acquainted.

starbucks solidarity event attendees

Where do we go from here?

The chapter has produced door hangers to show support for the unionizing workers and we intend to canvass the areas around the Starbucks store to inform the community about what the workers have accomplished and hope to accomplish, and also to provide encouragement and a resource for people who are also unhappy with their workplace and want to make a positive change.

This is where we need you to get involved and join a flyering session, talk to your neighbors, or just show up to our next sip-in! Every bit of support matters! Send an email to and we’ll make sure you’re kept informed of the upcoming campaign events.

starbucks solidarity door hanger