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ilmDSA Members go Door-to-Door in Support of MSL Starbucks

ilmDSA Members outside of MSL Starbucks

Our members hit the streets today! We were in the neighborhood surrounding the Middle Sound Loop Starbucks putting up doorhangers informing the public of our Comrades’ unionization effort. Their vote to unionize is coming up on the 22nd of August and we are working to get the word out.

This is the first Starbucks in the Wilmington area to file for a union, and we couldn’t be more proud of them! We believe that the working class is strongest when it works together, and there is nothing stronger than a union for any place of work, be it a coffee shop, a coal mine or any other place where folks toil for a paycheck.

We have more actions planned in the run-up to their vote, and could use your help! Take a look here for more information about the union effort and a link to our solidarity fund. And if you’re on Twitter or Instagram, you can follow the Starbucks Workers on their pages: @SBUXatMSL on Twitter and @sbuxmslunited on Instagram.