Member Welcome / Political Education Topic
First Thursday of every month @ 6:30pm

Prior to the monthly regular meeting, we have time set aside for new attendees to meet with comrades and get introduced. We will also have a political education topic at the same time (but separate location, ie zoom breakout room or other forum) to allow members to learn together. We hold meetings hybrid, with in-person and Zoom simultaneously. Check the calendar below for in-person meeting location.

Register for the zoom link here. This will be the same link as the monthly regular meeting.

Monthly Regular Meeting
First Thursday of every month @ 7:30pm

Monthly general meetings are an opportunity to welcome new members and interested parties. We provide an overview of what DSA is all about, our OC goals, and take time for some political education. See calendar event description in the calendar below for the in-person location or click here for registration to get a Zoom link to the meeting.