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Starbucks Workers in Wilmington are Organizing!

The workers are Middle Sound Loop Starbucks are part of a nationwide organizing wave at Starbucks! After working on the front lines during the pandemic, they are standing up for their right to have a voice and a seat at the table so they can receive fair wages, hours, and benefits.

Starbucks workers provide us the coffee and treats that help make our day better, and deserve our support. While Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz earned nearly $10,000,000 in compensation last year and Starbucks reported more than $7 billion in profits just in the second quarter of 2022, baristas are earning an average $13/hour.

Since Starbucks workers began unionizing, in an attempt to subvert the union effort, Starbucks corporate has agreed to a $15 company-wide minimum wage. This shows the power of a union to force our employers to recognize our contribution to their profits.

Now that the workers are an officially recognized union, their next step is to enter contract negotiations with Starbucks. However, Starbucks corporate has refused nationwide to bargain with its workers despite its legal obligation to do so under the National Labor Relations Act.

Help us raise funds so that unionizing workers can print flyers and educational literature for their coworkers, can buy supplies for picketing and other union-related events, and so that we can continue the campaign to put pressure on Starbucks management and to unionize more of Wilmington! Click the link below to donate today!