Is your rent coming due?

Are grocery costs becoming difficult to pay?

If you were to become sick, could you afford care?

Are you being forced to work in an unsafe workplace just to pay these bills?

Were you laid off from your job?

COVID-19 has exposed the cruelty of capitalism.

The current response to COVID-19 in the United States is completely avoidable. Decades of stagnant wages, growing inequality, cuts to unemployment insurance, and a lack of universal healthcare, amongst other factors, have created a scenario where medical experts recommend long term quarantine as the only means to stop the virus, and most Americans are left unable to make ends meet.

We have a healthcare system that makes billions of dollars in profits for investors but is unable to provide enough masks and protective equipment to its workers, at the same time our hospitals lack adequate bed space for patients. We have a government that gives trillions of dollars to Wall St. and hesitates to give even one month's rent to you. 

If you believe that this is a problem, sign the DSA's petition for a worker-focused recovery:

We must demand a working class solution to Covid-19 from our legislators.



Healthcare in Crisis

This crisis has laid bare the weaknesses of our profit-driven healthcare industry. Cost-cutting and profit focused decision-making has left our hospitals operating on slim margins and skeleton crews. This leaves doctors, nurses, support staff, and other healthcare professionals to do their jobs without enough resources even in times when they are not contending with an international pandemic.

At a time when over 27.5 million Americans must go without health insurance, and another 30 million have recently filed for unemployment due to Covid-19 closures and layoffs, the flaws in a healthcare system where 49% of Americans rely on employer-sponsored healthcare are readily apparent.

This system left millions of people without healthcare during a time when sickness runs rampant through our population and healthcare costs are at an all-time high. One thing is clear, we cannot leave it to a patchwork system of private insurance, profit-focused pharmaceutical companies, and exclusive, confusing healthcare networks to provide an essential public infrastructure like healthcare.


Rethinking Our Obligations to Each Other

Capitalism creates isolation to discourage class solidarity. In this time of crisis we should oppose those in power who turn us against one other for the purpose of getting us back to making profits for them. We should use this opportunity to demand a society that measures itself not on the wealth generated for investors, but on how well we are able to care for everyone, including the sick, the homeless, and the jobless. Unfortunate life events can befall any of us, and having an efficient economy that can produce enough to meet the needs of all leaves no excuse not to ensure everyone's basic needs are met.