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Political Education Committee

The Wilmington DSA Political Education committee serves two main goals: to develop materials and public-facing events in order to educate and agitate the masses towards class consciousness; and to create lesson plans and resources as well as conduct training to help our members grow into successful socialist organizers who can clearly articulate our demands and who can apply a thoughtful analysis to our organizing work.

Looking for additional political education resources?

  • Interested in learning about Marxism?

    Do you know what it means to be a Marxist? Do you want to learn a new way to analyze the world around you? Can you explain class relations to a non-socialist? In this course we will explore the answers to those questions and more by delving into two major concepts in the philosophy of… Read…

  • First New Member Orientation Scheduled for February 24th

    Do you have questions about DSA? Want to get involved but don’t know how? Good news! The Wilmington DSA Political Education Committee has assembled a one-hour introductory session to show you what DSA is, what we’re fighting for, and how to get started. The first session will be held by Zoom for health and safety… Read…