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Brake Light Clinic Working Group

Nationwide, DSA chapters have performed brake light clinics in order to educate the working class on the relationship between policing and class antagonisms and to provide immediate relief from infractions due to racist policing in America. Our chapter has a working group dedicated to hosting brake light clinics on a routine basis in partnership with local social justice organizations to aid the community and to grow awareness amongst the community about the role that police play in maintaining the capitalist order.

Brake light clinics are a great way to get out and meet members of the community and to interact with other like-minded folks. Don’t know how to change a brake light? No problem! One of your comrades can show you. Or, you can hold a sign or pass our pamphlets to folks coming to receive assistance. These events are fun and educational, so join us for our next one!

  • November Brake Light Clinic a Success

    Wilmington DSA once again partnered with Sokoto House to host a brake light clinic in downtown Wilmington. Our comrades at Liberate ILM brought food for all and we had a number of interactions with members of the community who had been involved in personal interactions with local police. One of our visitors shared a heartbreaking… Read…